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Collections / Full Spectrum Resistance: The Radical's Guide to Direct Action

A historically-centered manual for direct action, Full Spectrum Resistance is the radical’s guide to activist work, aimed at those disillusioned with the #Resistance and posturing of liberal “activism.” The left is losing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is a two-volume guidebook to direct action—the manual we need at this crucial moment to organize for universal human rights, a habitable earth, and an egalitarian society. Thoroughly exploring the achievements and failures of radical movements throughout history—from 19th-century anti-colonial rebellions in China to the environmental actions of First Nations and Native American tribes throughout the 20th century, from the fight for Gay Liberation to Black Lives Matter—the two volumes of Full Spectrum Resistance candidly advocate for direct action, not just risk-averse models of protest marches and call-ins. With in-depth histories and case studies of social justice and environmental movements, noted writer, activist, and farmer Aric McBay explains why passive resistance alone cannot work, and how we must be prepared to do whatever it takes to create substantial social change.