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Special Story Time: Susan Robeson on Grandpa Stops A War

March23 at Word Up Community Bookshop in New York, NY


Based on the true story of Paul Robeson's visit to the front lines of the Spanish Civil War comes this recollection of his bravery and activism by his granddaughter, Susan Robeson, with her debut book. 

When Susan was a child her father and grandfather told her family stories over and over. Grandpa Paul was a great man, a singer with a deep and rumbling voice, a man of peace and principle who worried about the safety of the children and families living in countries at war. His songs were always full of emotion, and evoking the African-American spirituals of his own father's childhood, he was able to communicate even with people who didn't speak the same language. Though it was dangerous, Robeson went to Spain and traveled to the front lines of the war (in a Buick!). There, he asked the soldiers to set up speakers facing the fighters on both sides of the battlefield. And then he sang....

With gorgeous illustrations from the fine artist Rod Brown, When Grandpa Stops A War celebrates the activism and achievements of the great Paul Robeson, and shows readers the power of art in times of discord and war.

This event will include storytime and Q&A with the author and simultaneous Spanish interpretation by Mariel Escalante.

March23, 1.00pm

2113 Amsterdam Avenue (at 165th St.)
New York, NY 10032 United States